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Light of Freedom is located near the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Virginia's Floyd County.

It is a place for inner peace, and dedicated to truth--all is one.

In oneness we see our equality as God created us.

501(C)3 nonprofit & intentional community



     Light of Freedom's purpose is to advance a vision of Divine Purpose to realize our unity with all beings, thereby allowing a deep and abiding peace. Working directly with A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which promotes healing of relationships by teaching a unique form of forgiveness, LOF provides support for gentle, mutual awakening to our true nature as Love. We offer a comfortable and safe environment for sharing and encouraging a greater understanding of ACIM, primarily by creating a joyful fellowship through ongoing meetings, workshops and retreats.

     Aside from over 20 years of facilitating ACIM meetings and retreats, LOF members have extensive training and experience in the following areas: architecture, art, music, permaculture, carpentry, organic gardening, nursing, psychology, yoga, reiki, massage therapy, and 12-step recovery. Our ages range from 14 to 66 years of age. One of our buildings, "Freedom House", has been the subject of tours and lectures, as it is a model of affordable "green building". It uses the sun and wind as energy sources and has a "living roof". Our intention is to construct future buildings on this property in a similar manner, using local materials with low-embedded energy and maintaining stewardship of the ecological systems around us. We will continue to offer tours of our community for those who want to learn about sustainable energy-use practices.

     LOF members are interested in offering complementary healing modalities and, as with all decisions, are open to guidance from the Holy Spirit. The possibilities are endless! We are in the process of designing a council house, a walking-meditation trail, and a writer's retreat cabin. Once constructed, we will welcome those on other paths to awakening, as well as ACIM students, to rent our facilities.

     Not all of LOF members reside on this beautiful 40-acre mountaintop land. Currently, we are looking for funding for improved and expanded infrastructure, so more members can move onto the land as an intentional village to serve our purpose. We are inviting interested folks to join in our endeavors, as the land can support several more homes. Please contact: Bo and Thais Abernethy @ 540-593-2169.